The Hostel

Hostel Seville - Oasis

Set in a contemporary stylish town house in Seville's city centre, our hostel caters to all of your traveller’s needs. A beautiful spacious terrace overlooks Seville's newest modern architecture at Plaza Encarnación equipped with a rooftop pool, sun loungers and a Hollywood swing. What more could you want?

Our communal kitchen on the top floor is fully equipped so there is nothing getting in the way from changing from pasta and sandwiches to something a bit more homemade.

Also, on the top floor you will find Updown, our travellers’ bar to swap some tales over a few delicious Mojitos or an ice-cold beer. If you rather read a book, write about your travels, or just relax and listen to music, Updown is a great place to do it.

Of course, we also aim to keep you connected. You will find Wi-Fi all over the building, or if you prefer, just use our computers in the lounge area.